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who we are
SwatOptions is the First Options Trading Network and Community that connects Options Traders, friends and others to share their Options Trading ideas, analysis, knowledge and market overview.
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why swatoptions

People use SwatOptions to
find several Options Trading Strategies
knowledge plus a unique
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  • Posted by Swat - June 7
    2015.06.05 $QIHU 40x BAGGER TRADE EXPLAINED - Swat explains how options flow from and Technical Analysis help this trade going from 0.10$ up to 4.40$ in some hours
  • Posted by Swat - June 6
    2015.06.05 - $LNKD BEAST MOVE EXPLAINED - Swat shows how a 0.05$ bullish bet, went to 5$ - 100x BAGGER - Options flow from and Technical Analysis from Swat
  • Posted by Swat - June 6
    2015.06.05 -  $WYNN +225% SWING TRADE EXPLAINED - Swat explains how options flow activity from and Technical Analysis made this trade going for more than +200% profits
I have been an options trader for 25+ years and have belonged to many trader forums and services. Swatoptions is by far the best, most informative service that I have ever used. Whether you are a seasoned trader or complete novice you will benefit greatly from his site. He gives you entries, exits and stop loss numbers on each options trade. He is a humble guy and does not post his winning percentage all over the web, but he is one of the best in the business.(...)
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